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There is nothing to be gained from idealism. Too many are not enlightened enough to understand they are continually governed by an unnecessary instinct for survival that manifests itself in greed. We are the smart ones who understand this primal nonsense and intellectualise it away for a safer and more sustainable world. This is also not about ‘Saving The Planet’. The planet does not need saving. It was fine before we turned up and it will be fine without us. What this is about is saving our place on this planet. Making Government and Corporations accountable for all the unethical things they do whether that be environmental or economical. We must strive to get ego, greed and self serving rhetoric out of all government. It is about looking at the companies you use and to disappear out the pockets of any that do not meet your standard of what is fair. We have just one vote but we can use it everyday. They are few and we can be many. This is about doing the right thing. Let’s leave the idealism for another day and concentrate on what we can do now. The first step is to get get Capitalism regulated. Where every companies Carbon Footprint and distribution

of wealth has to meet a fair and sustainable level. Our generation has to slow down this monster leaving future generations the opportunity to change it completely. The best we can do