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LVA's songs are now gone for the time being but will come back soon. Please check for more details. Lois Vonn Arceo, LVA, is a 17-year-old upcoming music producer in Dubai. He is the official CEO of his independent record label, OFFICIALLVA, along with five other artists. Mostly known for his very underground collaborations, LVA is also known for having his own line of merchandise, as well as a professional traditional artist, digital marketer, and all-time entrepreneur and multihyphenate. He has collaborated with many people, that being of which has associated him with BlondJohn, Victor Q, Marcella Wolf. He is also known to be hanging with Munatix, Melotika, algokaoso, Rose Cora Perry & the Truth Untold, Yung MK, Twilight Music Sculpture and Krosst Out. His most popular notorious work being Plural, being streamed in multiple websites and locations, gave him the leading rank of The Top 20 GCC Artists streamed worldwide, along with SheLovesHaris, GiovanZay, Thenos, Frxtz. He is also acreddited to be the feature writer of ExpatMedia, and is one of their journalist/interviewers.