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March is month of Love in Gerhardt land. The 6th of March a special project will see the light of day: Karuna Project. What is it! It's a mantra project. Mantra's to increase peace of mind. Lyrics written by Gerhardt's Dad and his wife.

Music by amazing musicians such as Serb Lex Pantelic; Tanboor, guitar. Kurd Aziz Djigit on Persian Net-Flute, vocalise Martine Bond. On the 19th of March ' This Song is a Prayer' is released. Played live for Dutch TV-program 'Iedereen Verlicht'. Operating from the Netherlands, born in 1979, worker in song since the 90’s, slowly entering the tower of song, here’s a multi coloured musician, songwriter and producer moving swiftly between writing, arranging, producing or performing music used in Netflix series, Apple commercial, HBO series, theatres, commercials and Buddhist retreat centres. 
 Releasing solo albums ‘all is there’, ‘sprawlers’, ‘what lovers do’ and a series of singles. Producing indie chamber music by Lavalu, creating madness and diversity with Residents of Dissent, arranging Dutch music theatre Het Pauperparadijs, co-writing blue eyed country soul