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It all began back in 2003 in Silkeborg, Denmark. The goal was to play heavy and catchy death metal, no more - no less… 16 years later and that first goal hasn’t changed. When looking at the state of Death metal today Dawn Of Demise differs quite a lot from the latest “trends”. This is due to the fact that speed, technicality, sweeps, tapping, gravity blasts etc. are some of the things that the band cares least about. It is all, and has always been, about heaviness, groove, good song writing and that catchy riff that sticks in your head. So far the band has released 5 slabs of bone crushing heaviness that all are in the vein of US death metal with a lot of elements from the world of slam. Kevin Muller (ex-Suffocation, Pyrexia live vocalist) stated in an interview: “They (Dawn Of Demise) are

New York death metal… from Denmark” - That statement probably has a lot of truth to it. Dawn of Demise are now ready to unleash their next onslaught of catchy brutality upon the world. April