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What does resistance sound like? For starters, it’s subversive, spiteful, sexual, and spirited. Secondly, it doesn’t conform to the status quo at all. Most importantly, it absolutely, positively gives no fucks—and never will. Waging all-out war against conventions, expectations, and anything else in her path, Los Angeles hardcore pop iconoclast Brooke Candy trumpets a call-to-arms weaponized by an industrial barrage, hip-hop bravado, and bloodthirsty punk recklessness on her 2018 independent EP, Who Cares. Like the byproduct of a one-night stand between Al Jourgensen and Kathleen Hanna, she carries on a tradition of social sabotage on her own terms. “I want to make something real, gritty, and dark that doesn’t exist in the culture,” she explains. “If I didn’t have Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, L7, and Wendy O, I wouldn’t be the person I am. It’s important for someone right now to push the envelope. There needs to be an aggressive, body positive, angry, and unconventional female performer. Girls need to see that. I’d like to be that lady and make a change.”