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South African recording artist BIIIS is coming to push the boundaries of what it means to be an African artist. Still a Jozi boy at heart, BIIIS kicked off his music career in the dynamic music scene of his current home base, Cape Town. Bored by boxed genres, the same old hip hop songs and other clichés, BIIIS brings his own unique voice to the table. In 2019, BIIIS released his debut album “Call of the Void”: An album inspired by the need to both run and face the darkest parts of your mind. The album revolves around grappling with “the void”, loneliness, ego, the insufferable need for self-care, and the continuous battles and growing pains that come with adulthood. It is a cross-continental collaboration between South Africa and Germany, giving it a very unique sound and making it an interesting reflection of the realities and struggles of young adults in different parts of the world. BIIIS is your new favourite sad boy, who is guaranteed to move you. /