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is a Lifestyle Channel designed around Personal Development and Financial topics. On YON WORLD you'll find videos about The Law Of Attraction, How To Make Passive Income Online, The Sri Yantra, and Motivational Videos from YON WORLD. Learn How to Earn Money Online. 
 YON WORLD laysout a thoughtful series of soundscapes among some calmly poetic rap verses on this self-titled album. Yon World paves the way for a dreamlike and fairly delicate array of ambiances, then you get the introduction to the voice – A Different World, a track that showcases the heavy ideas and the depth of the writing that is the Yon World way with lyricism. Between the rap verses, the mellow tones, and the snippets of intense historical speech, the whole piece creates a powerful space and prompts the listener to think a little more deeply on the world around them. 
 Children of the Sun picks up the pace a little but seems right at home within the collection. You adapt to the Yon World sound pretty quickly, his voice and these uniquely calming beats have character. The entire first half of the project is made up of notably short tracks, they feel like limited bursts of energy and ideas. Bringer of the Dawn follows suit but introduces a darker, more classically street-like approach to hip-hop. By this point, the experience feels connected and much more like a mix-tape or a collection of short stories. - Rebecca Cullen