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Brandon Andrews was born on the first day of 1989 and raised in small-town south Mississippi. He is now proudly laying his musical roots in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana and is always quick to call it home sweet home. 
 Brandon spent the greater part of a decade working and writing in the gospel music industry – seeing great and remarkable success from a very young age. 
 In 2017, Brandon went public with his intense struggle with alcoholism and addiction. Brandon now claims sobriety as a lifelong journey, continued one day at time. Sharing his story, experience, strength, and hope is something Brandon finds necessary as a means to continue his path of progress rather than perfection. 
 In the Spring of 2020 Brandon penned a heartfelt message to his fans filled with gratitude for their support, as he bid a bittersweet “goodbye for now” to his endeavors in gospel music. Brandon is a proud and unashamed member of the LGBT+ community and continues to share his story, both struggles and victories, boldly, openly, and honestly and always seasoned with love. 
 Brandon prides himself in writing a variety of music – some songs that bring joy, some songs that gently tug at your heart strings – but always songs that echo LOVE! 
 It is certain that this is just the beginning of a new musical chapter in the fabulous life of Brandon Andrews.