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The Seva Trio Formed by 3 friends, AF Pacini, Kezo Nogueira and Yonan Daniel, Seva Trio came up with the proposal to create songs that express the most different and positive emanations of love, peace and spirituality. Originally a Trio, their name “Seva” means in Sanskrit: Service to others, loving giving! The Seva Trio is dedicated to creating music that is expressive in vibration and rich in art and inspiration. Arrangements are created with dedication and details are carefully thought out to translate powerful subtle energies into music and art! Their influences are very diversified, based on Indian mantras and ragas, rich Brazilian regional music and also on classical music. As a striking feature, the Seva Trio chooses not to use percussion instruments in their arrangements and bets on harmonic contrast and minimalism, daring in combinations of strings, guitar, piano and voices. To further customize their arrangements, they add orchestral elements to their music and unusual instruments such as Diruba and Indian Harmonium, all carefully thought out and chosen to generate the depth and artistic sensitivity desired. The Seva Trio, through its work, proposes that art and music are based on a practice of spirituality, free from labels, respecting and valuing the different beliefs that preach love, peace and beauty, both in art and in life .