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After over a decade in the Nashville music scene, a vacation to the Florida Keys was all it took to sell everything, spin the wheel and completely change direction. Currently Cory resides in the islands of the Florida Keys, sailing, enjoying sunsets, tiki bars, while writing songs about his life, his travels, and the people around him. A nomadic and free minimalist, full of wanderlust, there is no telling where “Life Looks Best” next! The newest album created during the isolation of 2020, “High in Society” was written and recorded at Cory’s studio in the Florida Keys, along with the collaborative efforts of, Eric Darken, Mac McAnally, James “Sunny Jim” White, John Frinzi, Brendan Mayer, Jon Conley, Jeff King, Kaci Bolls, Liz Thurman & Ty Thurman, Brad Brewer, Drop Dead Dangerous, Claire Findley, Eric Erdman & The Detentions. Mixed By Chris Stone & Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters True authenticity is something that can’t be faked or manufactured, and authenticity is at the core of Cory’s music. Every line lived, every word felt, every picture torn from real experience and a life well lived. When music comes from the heart and when it’s real you can feel it, most of all you can hear it. Lots of artists write and sing about their vacations, we call them “all water and no salt”. Kick back and listen to music written from this Island Americana singer/songwriter that’s actually living the life others only sing about.