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I'm a bit of a hippie. I compost and hug trees. Read Tarot and say things like " Ohhh that's because it was a full moon." I used to be a Pastry Chef and Baker in my home town of Toronto, Canada. I'd sing while I worked, rolling melodies into my sweet treats. Then one day I was let go at my job and decided I was going to pursue music full time. That was 2014. I've written 79 songs, performed 54 times, released music, cut my hair, and found my voice. This leap to pursue what brings me joy is the heartbeat of my music. It is also an action I want to inspire others to do. I believe that we are more the same than we are different.

I'm an advocate for mental health awareness and community outreach. I try to take care of myself so I can take care of others too. I am always writing and collaborating with other artists. Check out some collabs under my "Appears On." tab. Or click on my Instagram page to get an inside look into some unreleased songs. Lastly, here are some things that inspire me: You (yes you),