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William Stavik is an norwegian recording artist, producer and arranger, and has released his debut album Love Becomes Cold, November 20th 2020. 
 Many great musicians are featuring on the album. Ola Kvernberg, Nora Legrand, Lauritz Skeidsvoll, Sidiki Camara, Marius Simonsen, Kristian Frostad, Sindre Klykken, Arne Torvik, Ingrid Tornes Pedersen, Iver Olav Erstad. 
 It is recorded and mixed by Hagsetunes and Bjørn Ove Hagset, recorded percussion by Urban Sound Studios, Nora Legrand and Lauritz Skeidsvoll on saxophone by Subsonic Society and Vegard Sleipnes. Ola Kvernberg, Kristian Frostad and Iver Olav Erstad in own studios. 
 William is known as being an outstanding guitar player as well as playing the electric bass. As a session musician he has accompanied many wonderful artists such as Essa Cham, Sidiki Camara, Sheldon Blackman, Torgny, Sarah Ramin Osmundsen and Bafana Nhlapo. 
 From early age he was trained by his father on the classical guitar and soon picked up the fine art of fingerpicking which he has developed into a distinct and unique sound on the acoustic guitar, as well as being an able electric guitar player, thriving in the genres of blues, soul and pop. 
 He has emerged as an exciting singer songwriter and loves to let the genres of pop, soul, country, blues and jazz melt together in an acoustic and soulful atmosphere with tasteful rythms and intricate guitar parts. His warm and inviting voice and the heartfelt and strong lyrics touches his audience.