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Stephanie Catlett is a singer songwriter who lives in Iowa City with her four cats. Her full-length debut, "Caught Under Glass" explores the same Americana, indie folk, and country influences of her first EP, "Meet Me in the Dream." Catlett creates a sound that is comfortable and unassuming, yet her sharp songwriting leaves a lingering impression. Catlett's lyrics explore the quiet spaces between separate lives, and the sometimes-imperceptible cracks that appear when love and faith fall apart. Her songs are peopled with the lonely, the impetuous, and the flawed — and her stories reflect the complicated nature of being. “Like her EP, Catlett’s album rewards repeated listens. The lyrics combine a clever cadence and catchy turns of phrase with a philosopher’s perspective of life and a poet’s penchant for metaphor. Each song stands alone, but together provide a portrait of a woman staring in a mirror at old betrayals that she no longer lies to protect. Her songs are both deep and light — the easy music belies the weight of her words. ... Like every great musician, Catlett is wise enough to trust her own sensibilities: The result is a masterpiece. ~ Little Village Magazine "Many artists use an EP to try and discover a sound to be used as the basis for a full-length, but Catlett has already found that sound which develops nicely, song by song. If this record is anything to go by, there’s a lot more to be heard from this artist."