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Olivier was born in 1973. Primarily student of Diederik Wissels, he graduated from the Jazz section of the Brussels conservatory in 1996. His teacher was Eric Legnini. Then, he studied 3 months in New-York with Kenny Werner and Fred Hersch. He played in many clubs and festivals in Europe and the Middle-East (« Jazz à Liège », « Jazz à Sète »,

« Dubai Jazz festival », « Abu Dhabi Jazz festival »,…) with musicians like Philip Catherine, Bert Joris, Steve Houben, Bruno Castellucci, Philippe Aerts, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Olivier ker Ourio, Phil Abraham, Fabien Degryse, Peter Hertmans… In 2004, he received the SABAM award for the best Jazz composition. Then, he lived 3 years and a half in Dubai as freelance musician. In 2013, he opened his own Jazz club in Ittre, Belgium : the « HEPTONE ». Olivier recorded 5 albums under his name : « Joy And Mystery » (Mogno 2001), « De l’Aube Au Crépuscule « (Mogno 2003), « 7 Views Of A Secret » (Heptone 2014), « Conceptions » (Heptone 2017) and « PHI » (Hypnote records 2019)