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In 2017, Dutch extreme thrash metal band INQUISITOR recorded a new album, which has been released in January 2018 and bares the title “Stigmata Me, I'm in Misery”. This new album marks the true return of INQUISITOR. Before the release of the new album, a teaser has been released as a digital single with the title “I am Sick, I must die”, which received critical acclaim and also includes two cover tunes, “Extreme Unction” (originally by PESTILENCE) and “Perish In Flames” (originally by DARK ANGEL). A vinyl version of this EP has recently been released. INQUISITOR stuck to their guns and hardly changed anything to their furious, unorthodox over the top style of extreme thrash metal but managed to expand it a little bit with interesting ideas, but without compromising the music. Although INQUISITOR is the sum of its four talented equals, the defining element of INQUISITOR however are the unique and outstanding vocals of Alex Wesdijk whose voice has lost nothing of its sickness.