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I am tech-geek-girl-singer-songwriter-entertainer & producer Sharron-Idol. I bring my fascinating blend of artistic and mental dexterity to the music industry with my in a sense

almost-genre'-neutral blend of releases since 2013. Music speaks just as much as the lyrics which often accompany it do: That's why, in some tracks on some of my releases, I just shut up with the lyrics and let the beat do all the talking. - But lyrics bring some music to life, and in many cases I use them to do just that. I have a background in technology - which comes in useful when I'm creating music. You'd be surprised how much of music is a science which unites numeracy and harmonic resonance into a world of sonic radiations which paint the eardrums with lashings of fluid audible colour. I mainly create my musical offerings from my home-studio, and I submit them to music retailers and distributors so that they can add to your entertainment. - Your entertainment is my goal and my ambition. - If I'm able to at least assist in fulfilling that purpose in some small way then I'm succeeding in my purpose to some extent.