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Hearts & Hand Grenades formed at the start of 2019. A fresh breath of hard rock music that is not just built around the youth of today, but for all generations of true rock addicts. For a long time now, there has been a giant hole where true hard rock used to live. Hearts & Hand Grenades is filling that void with some savage rock riffs and extremely powerful deep lyrics! The first EP “Wait” was released back in July of 2019. Coming out of the gate, the music was a hit. On December 9th, the second EP “Nothing Left” was released. The music was received better than expected. The full album will be completed in May of 2020. Line-up: Stephanie Wlosinski – Lead Vocals / Bass Mike Bress – Rhythm Guitar / Keys Tom Lafferty – Drums Kenny Blesy – Lead Guitar Facebook https://www.facebook.com/heartsandhandgrenades/ Twitter https://twitter.com/hahgrenades Website www.heartsandhandgrenades.com Instagram https://instagram.com/hahgrenades/