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Hey! I’m Sofia. I’m a fifteen-year-old singer and songwriter from Toronto. I recently released my new single called "Maxime" and co-wrote "Way Home" for TXT. 
 Songwriting for me happens differently every time. Sometimes I’m inspired by real-life experiences, whether they’re mine, a friend’s, or a stranger’s. I could be bouncing off the walls with joy or drowning in a pit of despair and all of it is inspiration for a song. Other times it’s because I like a certain chord progression on the piano or because of a title I like the sound of. And sometimes, it’s simply a story I come up with in my head. It means everything to me when a person listens to my lyrics and takes the time to think about them. So please, listen on, and maybe you’ll like what you hear. Have a wonderful day—wherever you are. . .
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