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Brought to you by SRL Networks London, the world's fastest growing independent A&R company, Skunk Radio Live is an online radio network dedicated to showcasing the best of the best music from indie music scenes around the world. Whether you are a music fan looking for exciting new artists to listen to, or a record label A&R, music publisher, artist manager, booking agent, concert promoter, music licensing company or music producer looking for a hot new artist, band, composer, instrumentalist, songwriter or DJ to work with; we've got something for you. We work with all genres of music including but not limited to hip hop, R&B, pop, rock, folk, reggae, country, metal, trance, techno, EDM, jazz, soul, blues, funk, punk, grime, ska, adult contemporary, zydeco and world music. We've also got a team of in-house producers, composers and creative professionals who are always working hard to find the next big sounds and artwork designs themselves. Everything you find here on Spotify; as well as any songs and albums on Apple Music, Tidal and other popular digital music services under the name Skunk Radio Live is in-house work. Feel free to get in touch if you hear anything you like and want to record with us, get a license, create something bespoke for your project, or sign one of our in-house producers/composers; or you just want to say hello and find out where to send your panties (ladies only please) - send an email to or visit