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Born in Melbourne Australia to a musical family Bishop’s passion for music began early. Classically trained on piano by her grandmother, Sky Bishop learned to play Chopin and Beethoven by ear before she could read music. Her passion for singing was evident from a young age, with her early vocal gymnastics resulting in a full four octave range as an accomplished choral style singer. By fourteen Bishop was singing in numerous pub bands with musicians more than double her age. While simultaneously learning the ropes of music production and live performance through first hand experience. Raised in a new age hippy household, and inspired by spiritual and occult literature, Sky Bishop shied away from the mainstream pop scene and concentrated only on the music which spoke to her. Fondly she recalls: “My childhood mostly consisted of music, tarot cards, incense, crystals, stoned parents and the odd ouija board moment. When you’re the weird kid you either embrace it or reject it. I embraced it and the music is an evolution of that.” Not surprising it’s within an otherworldly realm of hidden ancient lores Sky Bishop feels truly at home. Since her self produced debut in 2012 Sky Bishop’s unique ear for rhythm and arranging translate into a surreal dreamlike sonic landscape of beauty, ferocity, passion and love. With the vast musical genres she grew up with reflected across her career Sky Bishop continues to channel emotion into unique and vivid sonic vignettes.