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www.elektrobear.com Hey, I'm Óli, more commonly known as Elektrobear and I am a Composer and Sound Designer specializing in video games. In 2011, I got my start in games with a small free project named Momodora 2 and have since worked on other projects like Momodora 3, Minoria and Virgo Versus the Zodiac. I'd always tried out all sorts of things but nothing ever stuck with me, floating from one vague interest to another. And then, one fateful night many years ago, I picked up music as a hobby. I'd never had a particularly strong interest before, but something about it just stuck with me. I was making things, and lots of them, and I found extreme enjoyment in listening to them. Then one day, as an exercise in finishing the things I started, I began putting them out as albums. And here we are today. I started writing because there was an empty field and I felt it was time to fill it. And now I feel that perhaps it's time to close off this little passage of text. But before I go, just one more thing. To the people who listened to me before, the people who listen to me now and all the listeners to come, I sincerely thank you. Even though we may not know each other personally, you are the treasures of my life. Elektrobear