Black Sherbert


  1. 1.
    Seven Reasons Why
  2. 2.
    The Flame
  3. 3.
    A Special Kind of Hell
  4. 4.
    Lindsay’s Retreat
  5. 5.
    Whisper Tones
Black Sherbert is an American electro rock/pop band formed in 2015 in southern California. The band consists of one member, Mattias, who writes the songs, creates the music and directs the imagery.
“I‘d recently had experiences with people that were the worst of my life. They left me feeling numb and sick and in a very emotionally desolate place. It painted my world in ugly colors and left me sitting with a gallery of my mistakes and fresh pain to consider.”
The decision was made to write it out. Snapshots of anger, loss of trust, loss of faith and emotional starvation began to accumulate.
No specific agenda existed in terms of genre or aesthetic direction. Allowing the elements to arrive naturally and reflect the personal made the prospect of releasing it into the world intimidating.
Several retreats to Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood provided a chance to sit with the lyrics and consider the proper sound.
“The Chateau was the sanctuary. In many ways it’s a metaphor for Black Sherbert itself: a private, beautiful space in which to quietly fall apart, reflect and begin rebuilding.”
The vocals and arrangements began to arrive in the isolated suites nestled above Sunset Boulevard.
“I feel like I’m trying to distill personally valuable things from streams of painful experience. It’s not a matter of marketing my heart. It’s something I need to do whether there’s an audience for it or not.”


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