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Jacob Raiford, better known by his stage name ROQY TYRAID (often stylized RoQy TyRaiD), is an American rapper from Phoenix, Arizona; hailing originally from San Diego, California. 
 He is know for his penchant for lyricism, wit, and socially-forward subject matter; with a discography drifting from aggressive anthems, to grounded introspection, to even comedic, at times. As an indie artist, RoQy has excelled in key areas; placing him at the front of US & European tours, guest appearances on esteemed platforms such as The Wake Up Show, satellite radio, and more. 
In 2015, Raiford signed to New York-based independent distribution label Soulspazm Records for the release of his 2016 album The Dichotomy of RoQy TyRaiD. 
2017 saw a selective release of A LP Has No Name as well as a slew of successful videos which would carry TyRaiD over to 2018. 
 Currently TYRAID is engaged in the release of his DJ Green Lantern-backed OUTBREAK project. Roqy has fought hard and far.. and yet his story has only just begun.