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Baby Alpaca is the moniker of Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Chris Kittrell. With autoharp and floating guitar melodies Kittrell paints a dreamy and surreal musical landscape. 
 “Sea of Dreams,” an ethereal torch song that showcases Mr. Kittrell’s haunting KD-Lang-esque vocals, exploded on the Web.” - The New York Times 
 “...tracks float high in space far beyond the day-to-day mundane. Similarly, Kittrell—whose wide, curious eyes and blond curls vaguely recall the band’s ungulate namesake—truly inhabits the world of his songs.” - Vogue 
 "My dreams are never like Chris Kittrell's "Sea Of Dreams," but I wish they were. Watching this animation will be as close as I get". - NPR's Bob Boilen