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Hive Riot

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About this Artist

Posted By Hive Riot

Hive Riot is a synthy, dance-fueled party hosted by the electric alchemy that is Dustin Gledhill and Mindy Gledhill.

Dustin was is Classical prodigy piano virtuoso, performing with symphonies by the age of seven. Mindy is a multi-album award-winning indie-pop darling. The two of them together as Hive Riot won Best Pop Album at the 2016 Independent Music Awards. Hive Riot is the sound of letting go. And, in that letting go, you hear the sound of celebration and liberation.

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    Los Angeles, US
    181 Listeners
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    Salt Lake City, US
    119 Listeners
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    New York City, US
    111 Listeners
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    Chicago, US
    110 Listeners
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    San Francisco, US
    89 Listeners
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    Seattle, US
    74 Listeners