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Hi I’m Dannii and these songs you’re listening to are a representation of my journey not only as an artist but as a person. You see my life unfold, I write my songs from life experiences. You see my first heart break in ‘Talk’ in November of 2019, then moving on from that, we’ve got ‘Girlfriend’ which was about me finding a new guy but to only find out he has a girlfriend and as much as it killed me I had to move on, it was a fun song which helped me get over what just happened. 
 The next song I released was ‘Falling’ which was the hardest song to write as I had so much to convey and tell everyone about. I suffer from anxiety and was horrifically bullied in school from the age of 5-16 11 years of my life was wasted on what people thought about me, looking back at it I shouldn’t of cared so much but I changed myself to fit the mould of what I ‘should be’ not what I wanted to be. I was constantly bullied for having a voice and singing, when this became a problem I started to loose faith in myself. This is why I wrote ‘Falling’ as it was an insight into how I felt the pressures of society, my developing anxiety, being bullied constantly for my talent and pressures of being a woman. 
 My message as a person and as an artist is To just not care what people say about you, bend the rules change the algorithm, do what makes you happy. If people judge it’s because you’re doing something right. 
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