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Montreal, Quebec: Letchi is an independent artist releasing original music pieced together with the help of a handful of talented musicians from around the country. Under the pseudonym, Canadian singer-songwriter Nick Trode has promoted and expanded his artistic approach with charismatic performances, rhythmic instrumentals and authentic vocals. Notably, in the fall of 2020, Letchi was a recipient of the Artist Development Grant. With the support of Factor Canada, he has spent the year working tirelessly to bring new music, videos and artwork to life. Born out of the desire to shake loose an older sound, his new Factor Funded project, a 5-song EP entitled The Static, aims to be his most ambitious work to date. With larger arrangements drawn from the musical talents of Lucio Jara, Alexy Guerer, Geoff Macfarlane, Anh Phung and Dylan Keating, the world of Letchi is growing. Encompassed in themes of movement and tales on the inevitability of a changing environment, The Static marks a step into a strange new world with an awakened curiosity and hunger to grow. With new music on the horizon and a plan to continue live touring across Canada, Letchi is ready to let loose. "come on, steer the wheel'