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The Orphics, named after Orpheus, the Greek god of music, are headed by frontman/accordionist Matt Roth. Inspired by the psychedelic music and spoken word poetry of The Doors, LED Zeppelin’s legendary rock creations, and of course the magical icons, The Beatles. The 80’s and 90’s music heavily influenced The Orphics as well. The Orphics have fused both Rock and Classical instruments to create a strangely compelling and unique middle eastern/rock tinged sound. This often darkly evocative music is spiritually driven towards the light... Combined with some great collaborations by top musicians such as Peter Distefano from Porno for Pyros on guitar, Charlie Bisharat on violin ( Jane’s Adfiction’s 3 days , Of course), and Cameron Stone from POE on Cello, The Orphics confront the Darkness, slay Demons, and perhaps can lend a guiding light...