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“My vision for Studio Electrophonique is to capture ideas as purely and as untouched as is possible.”   James Leesley is Studio Electrophonique. Late at night he enters his home studio in Sheffield to write and record songs purely for the love of making words fit melodies and melodies fit chords, capturing them on his tape machine. These songs developed into the "Buxton Palace Hotel" elp album released on 10" vinyl in September 2019 on Violette Records. 
 “Using a simple tape machine facilitated my ideas. The songs were in 4-track form in my head, so it felt right just recording it as it was in my mind, in one or two takes.” 
 The songs he creates are simple and plaintive, beautiful and redolent, evoking feelings of calm reflection and so saying many of those things in song by night that we struggle to say in conversation by the light of day. 
 “Studio Electrophonique allows me a more introspective, vulnerable lyrical approach. The words don't have to introduce themselves to anyone before being in the song, so they could just be themselves. This has been the most natural and satisfying way of writing.”