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Ryan Carter (born December 2, 1991 in Detroit, MI USA) is an American recording artist, songwriter, producer, and philanthropist. He is known for his parody hip-hop albums. In 2013, Ryan Carter released his debut "Welcome to Planet Earth: Grand [Schemes] and Bad [Dreams]" online. Ryan followed with Welcome to Planet Earth 2: Supreme (Machines) and Devolved [Monsters] in 2014 and Mind of the Court Jester in 2015. Ryan Carter gained worldwide recognition with his 2016 album The Exaggerated Tales Of... which exceeded 1 million digital sales/streams. In 2017, Carter released his politically-charged album Nightmares in America, which also went on to exceeded digital sales/streams of 1 million. Carter released his first double-LP, The Doctorate on New Year's Day 2018. Carter has recently followed up with two independent singles: Trump's Throne, Meghan, and HUH! HAA! (Is This For Real?) his first major label release on Sonorous Records. Carter's first instrumental hip-hop album Space Between Thoughts was released on December 5th 2018, and his 6th album Human Error was released on October 18th, 2019. Ryan's latest single Emily was released on July 17th, 2021. He is currently working on a new project and spends his spare time doing philanthropic work for underprivileged children through his non-profit, The Ryan Carter Foundation. 100% OF DONATIONS TO RYAN CARTER WILL GO TOWARDS HIS NON-PROFIT FOUNDATION TO HELP UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN.