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Gabe Kubanda is an alt-pop artist/entrepreneur, co-creator of the Epic Proportions Tour, and founder of the Non-Profit 
 * Gabe hosts bi-monthly EduMusication Roundtables discussing current trends and issues with music industry experts, and our non-profit EduMusication organization is providing experiential webinars and livestream concerts for college and high school music students! Visit to donate or get involved. ---- “Seriously, we’ve never quit. Even in the face of really harsh circumstances.” That includes surviving a serious crash when its bus was hit by a semi-truck during a tour. “We were traveling to San Francisco to do a bunch of college shows in the spring” Kubanda explains. “A truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit us going 70-75 miles per hour. Our entire bus flipped off the road multiple times. We were all in bunks and apparently, that’s what saved us. We were all bouncing around in a short space instead of flying all around the cabin and getting thrown out of windows." “We had a summer tour planned right after that and we waited to do all the chiropractor’s stuff later,” he says with a smile. “We went on tour.” The acts with Kubanda sustained many injuries, mostly abrasions from the steel that kept the metal bunks in place, and broken bones. “We all survived.” 
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