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Karavan is a band with many faces and started out in 2007 playing blues and covering the music of Mavis Staples and Tom Waits. In 2012 Karavan got together with American rock'n'roll guitarist Hunter Perrin and country star Cam and spent a couple of years touring Scandinavia. Strengthened by jumping head first into different musical adventures Karavan is now eager to tell their own story to the beat of Americana. With the same number of members as songwriters Karavan is very much a collective force and together they write openhearted lyrics about staying true to yourself and the everyday struggles of life. Karavan continues to strive for finding new ways of working with music and inspire others. For every recording, every show and every project Karavan is growing and learning fom every experience to be the best they can be. To see and hear Karavan live is to witness four people who have come a long way to tell their stories and show you what it takes to be able to do what you love.