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BIO Landing in San Francisco from different parts of the world, various characters got together for different motives and goals at the end of 2008 and

became Makrú, a musical tool to express their points of view, ideals and support the causes they believe in, chasing equality and unifying people along the way while doing what they love. With an acoustic flavor that mixes Rumba Flamenca, Ska, Reggae, Cumbia and other global beats, lyrics in Spanish and English that bring reality, fiction, hope and joy Makrú sounds like smashing the earth and playing it on a record player. “My Crew” is: Jenny Rodriguez: Vocals, Palmas Raúl Vargas: Cajón, Vocals Vinicio Peñate: Bass Bob Sanders: Guitar Haluk Kecelioglu: Oud and Violin Makrú has been part of