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Atta Boy is a Los Angeles-based band specializing in indie pop music. Their first album Out of Sorts was released in 2012 as a whimsical experiment following their collaboration as a high school band. Back together again in the summer after their first year of college, Dashel Thompson (piano), Eden Brolin (vocals), Freddy Reish (guitar), and Lewis Pullman (drums) engaged in the making of Out of Sorts as a summer project, unsure anyone except some friends and family might hear the record. To the band's surprise, the response to their first album was both positive and far reaching, with listeners in close to 70 countries after releasing Out of Sorts independently. Since the release of the first LP, the group continued into individual endeavors on both coasts, but with a continuing curiosity about whether they would pursue the making of a follow-up record as their fan base grew over time. Finally, with years of ideas on the table, Atta Boy reunited in early 2020 to create their sophomore album Big Heart Manners, collaborating in the same space with the same people (and a few extras to help along the way)—nearly eight years later. Contact: