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The band Wild Bill & the invisible Men is a jazz-septet with a unique individual sound. The compositions and arrangements are written by Willem Kiewiet de Jonge and they are influenced by TV, Film music, Jazz, gospel and folk music. Besides the unique compositions the band is special because of the great musicians. Delightful improvisations and a warm sound make this band extraordinary. The first album (Not the 7 Samurai) was released in 2005 and was well received. In 2008 was their second album (As good as it Getz) released, this was also a success. Band Members: Ellister vd Molen (trumpet/bugle), Carlo Banning of Jeroen manders (sax), Willem Kiewiet de Jonge (trombone/vocals/whistle), Frans Heemskerk of Leo Bouwmeester (piano), Frans Bouwmeester (contrabass), Rene Winter of Robbie Carree (drums) For more info visit: www.wildbillmusic.com Or email: Willem@pasadena.nl