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Charli & Heiko experiment and explore different musical genres and techniques, taking you on a multi-coloured journey of combined fusions, from ancestral-tribal textures to free jazzy soulful vibes, and other experimental combinations. Their songs are mystical, conscious, uplifting and original. Their music is filled with sacred lyrics and sounds that lift your spirit up in to an unstoppable flow. An authentic, raw and unique expressive duo. The first group to combine Fingerstyle guitar with Overtone Singing. Charli Kornblum (Singer, Songwriter) born and raised in Alicante · Spain with a multi-cultural background & Heiko Bloemers (Fingerstyle Guitarist) born and raised in Rheinberg · Germany – come together in 2016 and combine their creative musical expressions. Charli & Heiko have performed in numerous festivals, venues and events around the world. We play for peace, we play for change, we play for the healing of this planet.

♡ “Charli & Heiko’s songs tell stories. Stories about our opinion being important and that we need to fight for our freedom. Stories about being more conscious towards the earth and about us all being one. The music of Charli & Heiko is contagious.” - RP Online GENRE: World Fusion Music, Experimental, Jazz-Soul Fusion.