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We are an illustrational and progressive rock band based in Wroclaw, Poland. We debuted in 2015 with a live performance at Uniq Sound Studio in our hometown. The performance parts are available to watch on our YouTube channel. Our music is addressed to listeners with a specific musical taste who like to forget themselves while listening and watching. That is why our performances have always audiovisual side. Steven Wilson once said in an interview that for him progressive is what tells a story. A piece of our work always tells a different one and a single concert is a journey through various places we create or recreate within these stories. We often use ambient recordings & samples from real places in Wroclaw to use as a starting point for a piece of music. Additionally, the use of synchronised video helps us to reflect and fulfill our musical ideas. It also enhances the feeling of a musical journey, which we love. Since 2015, we successfully took part in many musical contests and festivals amongst them are: 2016 - Radio Wroclaw Musical Battle - semifinals 2016 - Neuro Music - Asymmetry Festival Wroclaw - finals 2017 - New Horizons Cinema - “Less Is Lessie On The Big Screen” - a special live performance 2017 - Slot Art Festival - first prize