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Falling Up is the lead single from Lewis’ hotly anticipated second album. Emotive, impactful, relatable & impossible to forget, it’s a masterclass in what the songwriter does best: connect. In writing the song Lewis keyed into lifelong feelings of frustration & anxiety. “I always thought I'd be happy when I finished school or when I passed an exam, or I got a job or a promotion or if I went travelling & then I was like– ooh, now I have a record deal, what if I have a big song? Then I had a big song & I was on the road for three years & when I stopped, I realised it had all passed me by & I was less present, more anxious & stressed than ever.

I looked back on my life & at all of these points along the way & I realised that I’ve never felt any better, it’s always been onto the next thing, always moving.” The lyrics paint a picture of a man in despair: “I’m alone in the spotlight/And the walls are caving in/And I thought I’d be happy/But I’m barely breathing.” In a period when we’re all stuck in shrinking rooms feeling isolated, when claustrophobia –actual, social & otherwise– is real & widespread, Falling Up is the perfect song for the times.