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Another engine powering the resurgence of rock and roll, Zita is an invigorating, guitar driven, classic sounding 5-piece group reminiscent of classic bands as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and AC/DC. Inspired by the musical pioneers of their hometown, and the rock and roll literature of the 1970's, Zita are bringing rock to life again. The band is based out of the historic musical cornucopia of New Orleans, Louisiana, and is touted by some of the city’s finest musicians to be “New Orleans’ next supergroup.” Claimed to be "A New Orleans take on the classic rock revival" and "embodying all that is vintage", the band brings back the true hard-driving, classic spirit of rock and roll. For being an honest replica of the classic rock sound, Zita has been called “the Classic Rock element that we’ve all been missing”.