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Proving hip-hop’s international appeal, Def Wish Cast are a Sydney, Australia-based quartet who are thoroughly enmeshed in the culture of graffiti and breakdancing as well as rap music. Their trademark relentless hardcore beats are composed by DJ Vame, while their most distinctive rapper is Latino Die C, whose approach is closer to that of dancehall reggae vocalists such as Daddy Freddie than Ice-T or Ice Cube. The group made its debut in 1993 with Knights Of The Underground Table for Random Records, a hard-hitting record that earned coverage in Europe and USA hip-hop magazines as well as their Australian equivalents. Rapping in ‘ocker’ (Australian working-class) accents, though their initial releases were confined to small pressings, they regularly played to audiences of around 1, 000. Knights Of The Underground Table was billed as ‘Australia’s first hardcore hip-hop album’, but songs such as ‘Chris Missed The Point’ and ‘Perennial Cross Swords’ would have benefited from more considered construction and production.