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As civilisation crumbles, everyone needs to find a good party at the end of the world. Loud, proud, bombastic and belligerent, Swedish metal crew Bombus have been raging against the dying of mankind’s light for the last decade, a consistent and reliable force for massive riffs and even bigger choruses, wielding enough fire and fury to power a fleet of Death Stars. “There is really no other band that sounds like us, but still we sound like a hundred other bands! If you listen you can spot the obvious connection to Black Sabbath and Motörhead but if you listen again you’ll hear traces of Queen, The Prodigy, Tragedy, Pink Floyd, ABBA... and it all fits in there! We have never fitted into any particular genre or box and maybe that has made us fall between chairs at times, but if you ask me, that’s what makes us special. Our songs are all about us humans and the way we are,” he states. “They’re about never-ending human stupidity, the way we prey on the world, on each other and on every other living creature on this planet. They are always about that. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike humans at all... I am one! I just observe and note the obvious. That said we don’t have a message to convey to people. It’s only rock n’ roll!”