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“With Georgiana — Naked Gypsy Queens' debut EP for Mascot Records, produced by the same team that helmed Greta Van Fleet's chart-topping Anthem of the Peaceful Army — the band confidently steps into the international spotlight. These songs mix southern-fried swagger, electrified stomp, and sharp songwriting into five unique anthems, showcasing the chemistry between Attigliato, Pickering, bassist Bo Howard, and drummer Landon Herring. "Down to the Devil" is a raw, riff-based rocker with a meteoric chorus, "Georgiana" is a barn-burning anthem punctuated by slide guitar and thundering drums, and "Wolves" is a guitar-driven blast of minor-key bombast. Rounded out by the dynamic power ballad "If Your Name is New York" and the thumping "Strawberry Blonde #24," Georgiana shows the full range of Naked Gypsy Queens' reach. It's a snapshot of a band on the rise. 
 With a sound that reaches across generations, Naked Gypsy Queens are the new heavyweights of rock & roll's modern-day renaissance. They bridge the divide between the genre's past and future, planting one foot in the territory of their influences and pointing the other toward unexplored territory. Led not only by Chris' soulful howl, but also the sonic punch of a taught rhythm section and the interlocked riffs of two lead guitarists, Naked Gypsy Queens are royalty in the making." 
 ~ Andrew Leahey - Musician and Award Winning Rock Journalist