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Peter Schrupp of Arms Akimbo recognized his passion for music at a young age. Growing up in Carlsbad, California where he learned to play guitar at 12, to sing at 14, and every instrument other he could put his hands on have culminated in his newest project: Holloson. 
 Growing up, some of his inspirations included Kings of Leon and The Strokes. He and his friends would jam together and share bands they loved with each other, deepening their love and appreciation for the craft. 
 In his most recent project dubbed Holloson which was started shortly after the beginning of quarantine, Peter captures the energy of nostalgia, positivity, and freedom before the quarantine. He wanted to make the project as jangly, free, and open to tap into positive emotions and memories to work on the songs. Through the sonic inspiration of bands like Judah & The Lion, Head & the Heart, and Valley, Peter harnessed folk-influence repackaged in an indie pop-based scenario. 
 Holloson hopes that his music will bring light to the world and smiles to people’s faces. That it will lift people’s spirits, provide them will an escape, and that they will sing along with to the tracks while they drive.