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O'Neill & Jones are a songwriting duo based in Manchester, UK and consisting of Mat O'Neill (a preacher's son) and Sophie Jones (an architect's daughter). Their music blends simple, poetic lyrics with glorious, sweeping harmonies and melodic guitar, harmonica and ukulele riffs which combine to create a sound that sits comfortably in the folk, rock and country genres. Their songs deal with big themes through the lens of small scenes, transporting the listener and weaving simple imagery. Their second single 'No Excuse' has received radio play in both the UK and USA since it's release in January 2021, and their debut - a Christmas single entitled 'It Doesn't Snow' - was released directly to their fans via Bandcamp. While they are relatively new to the singer/songwriter scene, they have been quietly making a living as an acoustic covers duo for the past ten years: a useful primer in song arrangement, catchy hooks, and how to grab and keep the attention of the listener.