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Bruce Crossman’s sound world embraces Asian traditional musics, free form improvisation and European influenced interval-colour sonority towards a personal Pacific identity. Crossman’s music has been featured throughout the Asia-Pacific region including at the ISCM World Music Days (Beijing, Sydney), Tongyeong International Music Festival (Korea), Asian Music Week (Japan), Tunugan (Philippines) and Pacific Rim Music Festival (USA). Crossman states that “The aim of my creativity is to generate spiritual presence through stillness with colour-energy that speaks of the Asia-Pacific.” His music explores Asian-Pacific influences such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino gongs and chant resonances with harmonic colour sonority emphasis in the compositions

Shy Like Blushing Flowers (2017), Gentleness-Suddenness (2012), Double Resonances (2008) and Daragang Magayon Cantata (2001) and in the free-improvisation of Resophonica (2015). Crossman’s aesthetic is influenced by cross-disciplinary ideas from Chinese esthetics, Japanese aesthetics and architecture, Filipino-Australian poetry, abstract and traditional East Asian visual arts.