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“Thick Blues dripping over the edge of Rock”, is what the John Pagano Band has been described as. This Roots Rock band captures an old sound with a contemporary style. John Pagano grew up playing the Long Island Blues circuit. This is where he met legendary bluesman, Sam Taylor. Sam took John under his wing and began to “SAMerize" him as it was called. John took what he learned from Sam and formed his first band, JPBlues. The band went on to release 4 albums topping the Blues Radio Charts. John then moved to Georgia and formed the band with different members, Shiloh Bloodworth and Tony Hossri. After the music evolved, the band name was changed to John Pagano Band with current members John Pagano (Vocals/Guitar), Tony Hossri (Bass) and Allen Parker (Drums). The band's current release, "One More Round" has gained some serious attention! It features catchy guitar riffs with infectious lyrical hooks. The band is currently in the studio recording their next album!