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This artist belongs to a new generation of international performers whose sights are set on a global horizon. Donny Montell has surrounded himself with a highly professional team consisting of some of the most competent and globally successful songwriters and producers. Donny Montell (Real name: Donatas Montvydas) was born in Vilnius, Lithuania on 22nd October 1987. He attended two prestigious music academies and was discovered by a vocal coach at the age of 16. After winning several music competitions, Donny was catapulted into stardom when he won the Lithuanian domestic Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 by a landslide and represented his country in the grand final in Baku, Azerbaidzan where he reached 14th place out of over 40 participants. This resulted in Donny receiving four Lithuanian equivalents of “Grammys” which were presented to him at the M.A.M.A. awards ceremony in Kaunas. These included Best album and Best artist of the year. He not only participated in an endless line of TV shows, but he was also selected to be one of the coaches in the “The Voice” of Lithuania show. By the time he was selected to represent Lithuania a second time in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, he had fully matured into an artist of international quality. He competed with a song entitled “I’ve been waiting for this night” written especially for him by Swedish hit songwriters.<br>