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I'm a Swiss multi-instrumentalist currently based in Edinburgh and I live and breath music - I sing, and play sax, guitar, piano and bass to a high standard. I absolutely love writing songs, and also absolutely love writing songs with/around other people, capturing their ideas and feelings into music, making each song unique and special. My music has been featured on: BBC Radio 6 BBC Radio Scotland BBC Introducing Scotland and on National Swiss Radio: SRF3 Jam-On Radio (DAB+) I will start properly gigging around Edinburgh in 2022. Anytime you share my music with friends or acquaintances through word-of-mouth is deeply appreciated - it is the biggest help for me to grow organically. Sending massive love and appreciation your way if you share the music, and if you are supporting and following my musical journey and career! Feel free to send me a text on insta! Anyways, I hope you smiled today :) Sending ma love N.Cartier ______________________________________________________________________________ Me and Fraser Macdonald live and make music together. We are bringing momentum to Edinburgh's official creative scene through THE EDINBURGH COLLECTIVE - of which we are the founders. We have video projects, public mural projects and events we are planning, so get in touch asap if you are an Edinburgh-based artist!!! No matter the age or field!!! ______________________________________________________________________________ Now either get off your phone or go outside