Echo Lake

South London shoegaze duo Echo Lake got their start in late 2010 after producer and multi-instrumentalist Thom Hill met vocalist Linda Jarvis at art school.

Jarvis was a former choir girl and Hill was a longtime fan of classic shoegaze and dream pop albums. The two began working meticulously on recordings, with their first steps out into the world coming in early 2011 in the form of the Young Silence EP on London indie label No Pain in Pop. The band worked exclusively as a duo in songwriting and recording, but was extended to a five-piece for the uncommon live date. Echo Lake would release a 7" as well as contributing to a various-artists 7" compilation before releasing their debut full-length, Wild Peace, in the summer of 2012. The album was released on No Pain in Pop in the U.K. and on indie pop mainstay Slumberland Records in the States. In 2012 the band also did a remix for the similarly gauzy U.S. duo Peaking Lights. ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi