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Pussyft crafts thoughtful songs with dynamic layers, blending playful elements of 80s synth pop with distorted, guitar- driven rock and avant-garde dreaminess. The project is masterminded by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and producer John Merigliano. Pussyft captures the delicate spaces between memory and anticipation, the exciting rush of the past, present and future. Pussyft’s debut EP, Spectator Sport is Merigliano’s bold foray into original solo work. Spectator Sport is inspired by the complex beauty of human emotion and interaction. With a combination of humor and a bittersweet frankness, the songs present a cast of narrators who tell stories of love, loss, longing, isolation, awkwardness, evolution, and the struggle of communicating their desires. Merigliano also records his solo guitar music as Hudson to Hawthorne.